Confirming Your Order

Call or email to confirm both price and availability for your purchase. Upon request, an invoice for your trade will be sent to your email address.

Insured Shipping

We pay insured shipping on all orders, regardless of value. All coins are shipped by United States Postal Service Priority Mail, Registered and Insured depending upon the value. Higher value shipments are usually shipped by USPS Express Mail. USPS Registered Mail and Express Mail shipments will require a signature release for delivery. Shipments are fully insured up to the signature release.

Unconditional Return Privilege

You have an unconditional 5-day return privilege for any coin purchased from this site, beginning the day that your purchase is delivered to you. If upon receipt you are not satisfied with the quality of the coins for any reason, please email or call to let us know which coins you will be returning. Then, ship the coins back to us by United States Postal Service Registered and Insured Mail, insured for the invoice amount. When your returns are delivered to us, we will then issue an immediate refund in the full amount of your purchase price for the coins returned. Please note that this return privilege does not apply to bullion or generic gold coins, coins sold on layaway, brokered or negotiated sales, or sales at coin shows.

Easy Payment

Payment may be made by personal, business, or bank check, wire transfer, or money order. Unless you have open credit with us, purchases paid by personal or business check will be shipped upon clearance of your check by our bank, usually 5 to 7 business days after deposit. Purchases made by bank check, wire transfer, or money order will be shipped within one business day of receipt of your payment. Shipment on approval before payment is available to known clients.

Zero Interest Layaways

In order to make it easier to pay for that special coin, we offer Zero Interest Layaways for up to 60 days. Payments are split into three installments, with 1/3 due upon confirmation, 1/3 due in 30 days, and the final 1/3 due in 60 days. Your purchase will be shipped upon clearance of your final payment. Keep in mind that due to the delay in shipment, layaway purchases are not subject to return.

Aggressive Trade-in Values

From circulated Buffalo Nickels to modern Proof Sets, most collectors own at least a few stray coins that no longer fit into their collections. Whether United States or World coins, tokens or medals, circulated, mint state or proof, I need your extra coins. In fact, I’ll take them in trade at their full wholesale value, allowing you the highest prevailing bid in trade on your next purchase.