1794 Liberty Cap 1c, S.24, MS65 BN (PCGS)

Ex Garrett

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Sheldon 24 ~ Titled “Scarred Head” by Maris, and “Apple Cheek” by Sheldon, easily recognizable by Liberty’s exceptionally rounded, full cheek. Reverse with right ribbon high. (Rarity 1).

The surfaces are a warm, light brown in color with subtle tones of blue green. A few tiny spots are present on the lower right obverse, and along with a few trivial contact marks, are the only negatives present on this early Gem. The dies used to strike this coin were extensively rusted, particularly on the reverse, which produced the finely granular surfaces at the date, neck, and much of the reverse.

This, the Garrett S-24, is considered to be the fourth finest known example of the die marraige, and is included in the Noyes Condition Census as EAC MS60+. For comparison, the Finest Known is Jackman:695, the only S-24 considered to be MS65 Gem by EAC standards, currently certified as MS67RB by PCGS. William Noyes Photo #34093.


  • Edouard Frossard (10/1884: lot 865)
  • Garrett Collection (Bowers & Ruddy 11/1979: lot 59 @ $17,000 as MS63)
  • Walter Husak
  • James D. Swan (ONR)
  • Oliver Jung (ONR)
  • Private Collection, O’Connor Numismatics