1796 Draped Bust 25c, Browning 2, MS63 (PCGS)

Key Silver Type

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Browning 2 ~ Date with 7 and 6 high, and 6 touching drapery. Two fine die scratches from drapery slope down and right towards the top right corner of of the 7. Reverse with prominent die graver lines left of the upper two inside leaves at right, and inside of the right ribbon end. Rarity 3, the slightly more available of two known die marriages for this date. Fine reverse die crack connects OF, another connects the upright of the T in UNITED to its left serif.
Flashy, somewhat reflective surfaces with light to medium secondary toning in shades of amber, violet and blue, which looks just slightly deeper on the reverse. Fairly well struck for the issue, although the eagle’s eye is not evident and its central breast feathers are weak. Scattered fine hairlines and light contact marks help set the grade, the most prominent of which is a thin contact mark in the right obverse field inside of stars 12 – 13.


  • Hoke S. Greene (Bowers and Merena 6/1985: lot 665 @ $23,100 as “Choice About Uncirculated-55 to Brilliant Uncirculated, MS-60. Prooflike”)
  • Private Collection, O’Connor Numismatics