1799 Draped Bust $1, Bolender 17, MS65 (PCGS)

Ex Cardinal

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Bolender 17, Bowers-Borckardt 164 ~ Star 1 small and spindly, strong dot within the heavy fold of Liberty’s drapery, and a fine die crack connects stars 11-12-13. Reverse with five large berries, the top two partially embedded in the adjacent leaves, and two heavy lines under star 2. A heavy reverse die crack begins at the rim below U, clockwise through UN, joining the bottoms of ITED, the uppermost three feathers at left, bisecting S, through the tops of TA and ending near the rim just left of the second T in STATES. Another fine reverse die crack joins the bottoms of ATES, and extends into the field to the right.

Moderately to deeply toned, more so on the obverse, yet generally transparent with strong satiny luster. The obverse toning is a blend of olive, gray, and amber, with a bright streak of blue in the right field. The reverse is more vivid, with rich shades of gold, orange, and red dominant. The strike is essentially complete, with sharp stars, finely detailed hair, and bold eagle’s feathers that are fully defined throughout. There are very few contact marks of any significance, with two marks at the base of Liberty’s neck the most notable.


  • Martin Logies, “The Cardinal Collection” (American Numismatic Rarities 6/2005: lot 43 @ $120,750)