1799 Draped Bust $1, B.6, MS64 (PCGS)

Ex Green, Clarke, Jung

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Bolender 6, Bowers-Borckardt 162 ~ Star 1 slightly small and thin, raised dot just inside the bottom of the drapery right of 1, another larger raised dot in the widest drapery fold above the first 9. Reverse notable by the curved die crack left of OF extending from the rim down to cloud 7. Another faint die crack is visible from the rim just above O, bisecting F, and into the eagle’s wing feathers at right. Still another begins at the rim left of A, joining AMER to the leaves below IC. (Rarity 4)

This is a remarkably well struck 1799 Draped Bust Dollar, with all of Liberty’s hair strands fully delineated, her drapery complete, and the obverse stars deeply impressed. On the reverse, the eagle’s neck feathers are especially bold but for the area just above the shield, the clouds above are well defined, and only a few of the reverse stars exhibit flat centers. There is little in the way of contact marks to speak of, including a few tiny marks in the right obverse field, and a thin scrape on Liberty’s bust that is well hidden by the toning. A small lint mark shaped like a backward C rests in the left reverse field, just above the arrowheads, which serves as a solid pedigree marker. The toning is light to medium in intensity, in shades of gray-violet and deep blue. All in all, there is little to complain about on this Near Gem early dollar.


  • Colonel E.H.R. Green
  • T. James Clarke
  • New Netherlands Coin Co. 48th Sale (11/1956: Lot 630)
  • Later to Jerry Benson (Heritage 2/1999: Lot 6028 @ $69,000 as PCGS MS64)
  • Later to Oliver Jung (American Numismatic Rarities 7/2004: Lot 74 @ $80,500 as PCGS MS64)
  • (Heritage 8/2011: Lot 7249 @ $80,500 as PCGS MS64)