1810 Classic Head 1c, S.285, MS64BN (PCGS)

Noyes CC#1

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Sheldon 285 ~ I-RTY in LIBERTY widely recut. Obverse die crack joins 10 to all stars at right. (Rarity 2).

Classic Head Large Cents with original surfaces and with any degree of Mint red are rarities, regardless of date or grade. This 1810 is arguably Gem, and mostly mellowed to a superb shade of light tan, although with a substantial portion of original red remaining about the protected areas. Contacts marks are relatively few and shallow, with a mark near the obverse rim directly above the L of LIBERTY the most noticeable. There are a few small obverse spots, including one clinging to Liberty's shoulder line directly above the space between 81, and another near the rim above the space between the back of her hair and star 8. The fine details are generally well struck but for missing radials on stars 1 through 5.

William Noyes Photo #24368. This coin was previously certified by NGC as MS65BN.


  • Richard Winsor (S.H. & Henry Chapman, 12/1895: lot 892)
  • Virgil M. Brand
  • Dr. James O. Sloss (Abe Kosoff 10/1959: lot 111 @ $675 as "MS-70")
  • Dorothy Nelson (Stack's, "TAD Collection of U.S. Large Cents" 2/1976: lot 81 @ $3,750 as "MS-65")
  • Douglas M. McHenry (Superior, along with Robinson S. Brown Collection 9/1986: lot 421 @ $11,550)
  • Haig Koshkarian (American Numismatic Rarities 3/2004: lot 11 @ $27,600 as NGC MS65BN)
  • (Heritage 8/2006: lot 5041 @ $46,000 as NGC MS65BN)
  • Private Collection, O'Connor Numismatics
  • Cardinal Collection Educational Foundation