About O’Connor Numismatics

Coins that matter

O’Connor Numismatics is focused on the truly great American coins, coins that stand out due to their rarity, condition, or historical importance. Condition census Early American Coins, Finest Known Liberty Seated and Barber Silver, and the best Rare Date and Proof Gold, preferably in uncompromisingly original condition. In a few words, “Coins That Matter”.

Our client relationships are completely discreet. We work in an advisory role with every client, together as a team, focusing on long term collecting objectives. Many of our client relationships have lasted for over a decade, some nearly two, including collections that are multi-generational in duration.

Joe O’Connor has personally attended and has been an active bidder in nearly every major American coin auction over the past two plus decades. He has also attended nearly every major numismatic convention over that same time period.

To us, the coins and their collectors come first. And every day, we strive to use all of our efforts, knowledge and experience to the benefit of our collector clients.