Our Guiding Principles

A Collector Driven focus

Coins and their collectors are first and foremost with us. The opportunity to buy and sell coins of incredible rarity, historical importance, or superlative quality with passionate and committed collectors drives our daily activity. And while much is written in the numismatic press, dealer marketing, and in online bulletin boards about the investment or speculative side of numismatics, we fully recognize that without collectors first, nothing else would follow.

Respect for Tradition

The field of numismatics is built upon the efforts and accomplishments of those numismatists that have gone before us. The traditions of camaraderie, scholarship and apprenticeship have linked generations of collectors, dealers, and researchers.

Oftentimes, the transactional side of numismatics, the buying, selling, and pricing side takes center stage and garners way too much attention. However, without the existence of passionate collectors there would be no demand, no coin market, and no need for the transactional side.

While it may seem a little “old school”, we support and have great respect for these traditions of numismatics. Whether it’s freely sharing numismatic information with our clients and collegues, giving support whenever possible to the efforts of authors and researchers, or lending a hand to the waves of younger dealers and new collectors without thought of compensation, these traditions provide the glue that binds all of our collective numismatic activity and provide the basis for our work.

Understanding our Responsibilities

From our beginning over 35 years ago, we have been known as retail coin dealers. Being a retail coin dealer is a conscious decision that comes with certain responsibilities different from those of a wholesale dealer, trader or broker.

As a retail dealer, we understand the moral obligation to put the interests of our clients before our own, to educate them to the best of our ability, and to be open and honest with them, even when it’s uncomfortable.