08 APR 2019

The New OCNUMIS.com

With a new look and a refined focus, the New OCNUMIS.com emphasizes the coins and collecting end of numismatics.

The purpose behind a new OCNUMIS.com wasn’t just about a new color palette and a re-arranged layout. This project was and is about refining our focus. Yes, there are incredible coins for sale in the GALLERY. However, the great majority of the effort that goes into building and maintaining OCNUMIS.com will be aimed at providing a valuable resource to the buyers at the end of the road, after all of the grading and trading is complete. Those buyers are, of course, collectors.

For new collectors, a good place to begin is always a START page. If you are new to numismatics, or just new to OCNUMIS, whether you need a little help deciding on the collecting path that’s right for you, or you just want to learn more of my principles and practices, GETTING STARTED should be your first read.

Beginning around the Norweb sales in the late 1980s, I began writing extensive notes on all of the great coins that passed through the market. These mostly handwritten notes fill binders, file folders, and the margins of decades of auction catalogues. Instead of leaving all of this work for some future recycling bin, I am now spending most of my time organizing and compiling these scraps of coin market history so that they may be widely used and shared. These notes will now be available here, as JOE’S NOTES.

Weekly market reports have become a staple of coin dealer websites, but you won’t find them here. In a market where the most important properties trade with a frequency measured in years, or even decades, weekly opinions on the market can be no better than reporting noise. What you will find instead will be deep dives into the inner workings of the market, issues that affect your collecting strategy, and long term trends. This and more you will find in ARTICLES.

Finally, an explanation of what we do, how we do it, and what to expect whether buying or selling with OCNUMIS.

There is still a little clean-up to do on this new site, all of which should be completed within the next few weeks. To follow will be more JOE’S NOTES, ARTICLES, and of course, more great coins offered in the GALLERY. I welcome your comments.

Best Wishes,

Joe O’Connor


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