Barber 50c

Finest Known
Ex Queller, Hugon, Duckor
PCGS MS67+ #16432105



Writing on this issue in his catalogue of the Dr. Thaine B. Price Collection, David Akers notes “This is a very scarce and underrated issue in all mint state grades, and a rare one in Gem. It is significantly more rare in Gem condition than the 1910-S, and it is actually very nearly in the same rarity class as the 1906-1908 San Francisco Mint issues”.

Akers continues in his assessment of the Price 1911-S as possibly second in quality only to the Eliasberg coin. However, Eliasberg:2125, once toned in a not quite attractive ‘delicately mottled gray’ has now been dipped to an artificial white. Queller’s 1911-S, last sold in 1975, was not known to Akers at the time of the Price sale in 1998.



1.  MS67+  Queller – Hugon – Duckor, PCGS #16432105

The surfaces are literally near perfect but for a shallow mark near the inside point of star 8, another right of OF on the reverse. Soft cellophane toning in delicate, pastel shades of gold, green, blue, and rose is balanced and clear. This is the undisputed finest known, the only surviving Superb Gem 1911-S, the single example certified MS67/67+ by PCGS, with none finer. Additionally, this is the lone MS67 listed in the CAC Census, with none finer. As an active bidder on this coin at every public sale since 2002, I was twice the direct under-bidder, and twice the winner. This Superb Gem remains one of the finest examples of Charles Barber’s Half Dollar design in Mint State, easily better than many certified as MS68, and it also happens to be a 1911-S.

Stack’s “Dr. E. Yale Clarke Collection”, October 1975, lot 422 @ $875 as “Gem”; David Queller; Stack’s “Queller Family Collection of United States Half Dollars, 1794-1963”, October 2002, lot 823 @ $14,950 as “Gem”; John C. Hugon; Heritage Auctions “John C. Hugon Collection”, January 2005, lot 4260 @ $21,275 as PCGS MS67 #50138031 to Joseph O’Connor (OCNUMIS); later to Dr. Steven L. Duckor; Heritage Auctions “Dr. and Mrs. Steven L. Duckor Barber Half Dollar Collection”, August 2010, lot 3234 @ $37,375; Heritage Auctions “Greensboro Collection, Part V”, August 2015, lot 4095 @ $42,300 to Joseph O’Connor (OCNUMIS).

2.  MS00  name, PCGS #00000000



3.  MS00  name, PCGS #00000000