Joe’s Notes

Joe's Notes

While Joe's numismatic career began in 1977, it wasn't until the Norweb sales in the late 1980s that he began writing extensive notes on all of the great coins that passed through the market. These mostly handwritten notes filled binders and file folders as well as the catalogues for auctions that he attended. Instead of leaving all of this work for some future recycling bin, Joe is now organizing and compiling his decades of notes so that they may be shared publicly. These notes will now be available here, as Joe's Notes.

If your numismatic curiosity extends beyond certs, stickers, population reports, and auction prices realized, then "Joe's Notes" may be just what you need. Each Joe's Note covers one numismatic issue in depth, including discussion of die studies, the condition census, trading histories, ownership chains, and relative pricing. New Joe's Notes will be added regularly as the notes and associated data for each issue are updated and verified.

Page 138 from the personal numismatic journal of S. Benton Emery, New England banker and well known collector from the 1870s until his passing in 1914. Shown are Emery's notes on his Capped Head Quarter Eagles of 1821 to 1834.