2023 Where Are The Great Coins?

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Most times you will find at least two or three dozen interesting coins listed here for private sale. However, during the past couple of years, retail participation in the coin market has been at the highest level since 2013, and the hard asset crowd has returned with force. Prices have been very strong for trophy coins, finest knowns for type, and anything better in gold. Silver type and early copper have been selling, although most prices are still at some discount to prior highs.

What this means is there is currently little available or priced at “for inventory” levels. The great coins sell quickly and most of what is available, both privately and at auction, are coins that I prefer to sell than own. Eventually, this market will settle down, prices will find equilibrium, and a sense of normalcy will return. When that happens, which appears to be beginning recently, you will find this page filling out to its regular selection.

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