Selling to OCNUMIS

We are aggressive buyers in our areas of specialty, and we will purchase your entire collection in order to acquire those coins that interest us most.


Know Your Worth

Whether you are thinking of selling just a few coins or an entire collection, you may provide us with an inventory or detailed description of your coins by email or fax. Joseph O’Connor will then contact you to discuss your collection, including preliminary values where possible.


Confirming Your Shipment

Depending upon the value of the coins which you wish to sell, shipping your coins to us may be the most efficient option. In most cases we’ll even pay for your shipping and insurance by either USPS Registered or Express Mail depending upon weight and value.

Package Securely

If you are shipping coins to us, it is very important that you wrap and box them securely. Coin tubes can shatter, PCGS and NGC coins can be cracked or damaged, and a box that rattles may attract unwanted attention.

When shipping to us on our insurance, all packages must be double boxed, with the coins securely packed in a smaller box such as a PCGS box, and those smaller boxes then put into a larger shipping box.

Traveling To You

If your collection is too valuable for shipment, Joseph O’Connor will travel to you for a review of your holdings at your convenience.

Immediate Payment

Upon our purchase, all payments of $10,000 or more will be sent by either USPS Express Mail or bank wire transfer, you choice. All payments under $10,000 will be sent by USPS Priority Mail.