Auction Services

Whether you are starting a new collection, selling one, or considering a change in direction or strategy, we can coach you through the process.

Expert Consultation

My client relationships are completely discreet. I work in an advisory role with every client, together as a team, focusing on long term collecting objectives. Many of my client relationships have lasted for over a decade, some nearly two, including collections that are multi-generational in duration.

We’ve been building great collections for decades. We have also managed the sale of many multi-million dollar collections, quietly and with complete discretion.


Auction Agency

Buying for inventory and on behalf of clients, I have personally attended and have been an active bidder in nearly every major American coin auction over the past two plus decades. As a buyer’s agent we discover and provide all relevant accessible information concerning your coins of interest.


Grading Review

For both new and existing clients of OCNUMIS, we offer to review your collection in order to identify those coins which may benefit from recertification, and those that may present problems when the time comes to sell. For existing clients, we offer this service at no charge as part of our regular review process.