1876 Trade $1 Proof


Scarce Type II/II Proof

Ex James A. Stack

Scarce Proof Type II/II Proof

Type II/II using the new reverse hub of 1875 and the new obverse hub of 1876 : Type II obverse with Liberty’s right hand showing five fingers, a prominent raised dot on Liberty’s neck, and the banner inscribed LIBERTY ending in two points aimed downward. Type II reverse with no bud under the eagle’s claw at right.

New Obverse Hub of 1876, New Reverse Hub of 1875

Breen did not list 1876 Proof Trade Dollars from the new obverse hub of 1876, only proofs struck from the Type I/II hub combination. Additionally, NGC notes for this variety state “This combination of obverse and reverse hubs has been confirmed for currency strikes, but it’s doubtful that proofs are known.” While 1876 Proof Trade Dollars from the II/II hub combination certainly exist, this prior oversight is certainly excusable, as the large majority of the 1150 Proofs reported struck for this issue are from the pre-1876 Type 1 obverse.

This coin is a perfect match for the Stack’s March 1995 color plate. Most of the obverse is very lightly toned, yet bordered by a peripheral ring of vivid amber, violet, and blue. The reverse is similarly toned about the edges, but with a bright bluish green filling the center. The fields are deeply mirrored and set against frosted devices, with the cameo contrast easily visible through the clear toning. Light hairlines set the grade.

James Stack’s 1876 Trade Dollar is one of the top half dozen or so proof strikings known for the year, most of which will be of the I/II hub combination, and possibly the second finest of the II/II combination behind PCGS #43494600.

PCGS #30039284


James A. Stack, until his death in February 1951; Stack’s, March 1995, lot 229 @ $5,060 as “Choice Brilliant Proof”.

James Aloysius Stack (1887 – 1951)