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Whether you are new to numismatics or an experienced collector and just new to OCNUMIS, here is an easy path to help you get started.


Let’s Get Acquainted

I like to get to know my clients well, and the first step is to say “Hello”. I invite you to provide your contact information, so that we may get to know each other. Please let me know whether you prefer an email, phone call, or personal visit.


Stay Connected

The best way to stay connected is to subscribe to our client letters. Each letter will be sent to your email address, and may include a first look at an article, a review of a recent auction or coin show, commentary on a current event concerning numismatics, or general observations regarding coins and collecting.


Take a Look Around

The purpose behind a new wasn’t just about a new color palette and a re-arranged layout. This project was and is about refining our focus. Yes, there are incredible coins for sale in the GALLERY. However, the great majority of the effort that goes into building and maintaining will be aimed at providing a valuable resource to the buyers at the end of the road, after all of the grading and trading is complete. Those buyers are, of course, collectors.



The Gallery includes those coins currently available for private sale. Of all the coins that I buy for inventory, only the special ones make it here. These are regularly coins that I have repurchased from clients, as individual coins or as entire collections, and coins that I have purchased in the open market that I feel are temporarily underappreciated, and therefore, maybe underpriced.


Joe’s notes

When I’m not talking coins, or buying and selling them, you will often find me buried in a pile of old auction catalogues. Joe’s Notes is a collection of my research notes, with each report covering a single issue, such as 1834 Capped Bust Quarters, or 1901-S Barber Halves. These reports include my interpretation of the numbers – grades and prices – with detailed condition census rosters and provenance2 chains. Some of these reports can get a bit technical, such as when we discuss die remarriages and emission sequences. However, they will always be full of good information for collectors at every level, and I will do my best to explain the technical jargon.



On the business side of things, I recognize a fiduciary level of care with our clients and customers, whether it’s a one-time transaction, or a life-long relationship. From instructions on how to confirm an order, payment and delivery, buying from OCNUMIS outlines our responsibilities to you, and what’s available to assist you with your purchase, whether extended payment terms, or an aggressive trade-in of coins that you already own.



While I prefer a private sale to the added cost of an auction room, buying the best coins often requires competing at auction. You will find details about auction representation, grading review, and other consultation in Services.



Market action, expert insight, historical context and much more will be found in Articles, along with many of the great back stories that make numismatics so engaging.


About ocnumis

About OCNUMIS includes my personal history in numismatics, and a description of the core principles that guide me in my relationships with both clients and colleagues.



I need to buy coins on a regular basis, and most of those coins are bought directly from collectors. Selling to OCNUMIS will outline how easy and secure the process will be to sell your coins to OCNUMIS, even if they don’t rise to the level of the coins offered on this site. Whether you bought them from us or not, I welcome the opportunity to buy your collection.


Get to Know Joe

Hello, I’m Joe O’Connor

I’m a collector at heart, and for over forty years I’ve also been a dealer, helping other collectors successfully channel their numismatic passions. If you are new to OCNUMIS, ‘Welcome’. And, if we already know each other, then, ‘Welcome Back’.