1793 Wreath 1c, S.11c, MS64 Brown (PCGS)

Lettered Edge

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Sheldon 11c ~ Lettered Edge with a single leaf. Obverse with left leaf pointing upwards toward E in LIBERTY. Reverse with beaded border far from legend, and denomination fraction placed far right. (Rarity 3-). Struck from an early state of the dies with no clashing evident.

This is an amazing early large cent that could easily be called Gem. The surfaces are fully original, never oiled, with frosty Mint Luster evident in soft cartwheels on both sides. The color has mellowed to a perfect light brown, with no significant spots or discoloration. There are no significant contact marks even under a glass. The only notable surface disturbances are Mint made, including a subtle reverse flan lamination above TAT, another diagonally from the T in UNITED through the O in ONE to the O in OF, and some tiny flan voids near the lower reverse rim below the last A in AMERICA. Boldly struck, although slightly off center to the left. This would be incredible quality for any 1793 Cent, let alone a Sheldon 11c.


  • Dr. Charles Clay (W.H. Strobridge 12/1871: lot 701 @ $67.50)
  • James E. Root (Edward Cogan 12/1878: lot 231 @ $42)
  • Lorin G. Parmelee (New York Coin and Stamp Co. 6/1890: lot 673 @ $80 to Samuel H. and Henry Chapman)
  • John G. Mills (Samuel H. and Henry Chapman 4/1904: lot 1232 @ $130)
  • Carl Wurtzbach
  • Virgil Brand (New Netherlands Coin Co., privately)
  • Harold Bareford (Stack’s “Autumn Sale” 9/1978: lot 502 @ $16,000)
  • W.M. “Jack” Stone
  • Leo Beranek (Heritage 1/2008: lot 2666 @ $276,000 as PCGS MS64BN)
  • (Heritage CSNS 2009, 4/2009: lot 2030 @ $207,000 as PCGS MS64BN)
  • Private Collection, O’Connor Numismatics