1897-S Barber 25c, MS67 (PCGS)

Superb Gem, Finest Known

The ocnumis archives are presented solely for viewing and research. While this coin may still be held by one of our clients, it is not currently available for sale.


PCGS has certified two 1897-S Barber Quarters as MS67, both of which were included in the Eugene Gardner Collection. This is Gene’s primary coin, and was historically the only PCGS MS67. Gene’s duplicate coin was sold as NGC MS67, but has since crossed to PCGS, and should be considered the probable third finest known, as it exhibits toning that is original but a bit streaky (Heritage “Gardner IV”, 10/2015: lot 98563 @ $21,150 as NGC MS67). Finally, there remains the prooflike NGC MS68 formerly in the Dale Kreuger Collection, which, from memory, is a strong challenger and likely second finest known (Heritage 6/2000: lot 7277 @ $10,925 as NGC MS68).

PCGS Certification #25685925


  • Joseph O’Connor (11/2003 to Gene Gardner)
  • Eugene H. Gardner (Heritage “Gardner III”, 5/2015: lot 98402 @ $36,425 as PCGS MS67)